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Mary Jane Maffini The Busy Woman's Guide to Murder won the Romantic Times award for best amateur sleuth!

CHARLOTTE ADAMS is not quite five feet tall, addicted to stiletto heels and chocolate. She loves her business as a professional organizer in a small town in upstate New York, close enough to the money, far enough from the miserable ex-fiance. Things should be going well for her in this pleasant spot, surrounded by old friends, new dogs and plenty of clients. Too bad that if you're an organizer, you know everything about the homes you de-clutter. Every now and then you just might turn up a real skeleton in one of those crowded closets. Charlotte's not looking to play sleuth, but she's tenacious enough to hunt for a murderer if that's what it says on her to-do list. The Charlotte Adams mysteries come with organizing tips. You can use 'em or lose 'em. It's up to you!

All the Charlotte Adams mysteries are available in print and your favorite e-book version.

Berkley Prime Crime 2007

4 Stars - "Maffini's new series starring professional organizer and amateur sleuth Charlotte Adams is off to a brilliant start with this fast-paced mystery." Romantic Times

ISBN-13: 9780425215807 ISBN: 0425215806

When thirty-year-old Charlotte Adams returns home to set up her personal organizing business in the historic town of Woodbridge, New York, she's expecting to find clients who need professional help sorting out their clutter, collections and just plain junk. She's expecting to reconnect with her old school friends, the lovable misfits: Sally, Margaret and Jack. She's expecting that her two rescued miniature dachshunds will help her forget her lying, cheating ex-fiancé and the square-cut diamond she's just tossed into the Hudson. She's not expecting to find her first client dead in the debris of a historic home. Not even a little bit. The death of the tyrannical retired teacher Helen "Hellfire" Henley makes the news in a big way. That's got to be bad for business. Naturally things get worse when the police find Charlotte's pen under the body. This is particularly tricky since Charlotte's former friend and current nemesis, Sgt. Pepper Monahan is in charge of the investigation. Try organizing your way out of that, lady. And for you? Organizing tips included.

Berkley Prime Crime 2008

"We should all have a Charlotte Adams in our lives..."

ISBN-13: 9780425220924 ISBN: 0425220923

The Cluttered Corpse is the second book in the Charlotte Adams series. When Charlotte Adams agrees to help Emmy Lou Rheinbeck organize her embarrassingly out of control stuffed animal collection, she never imagines she'll find herself fending off pranksters whose shenanigans lead to murder. Luckily, she has the support of her misfit friends Jack, Margaret and Sally. Sgt. Pepper Monahan is still in an unforgiving frame of mind, but Truffle and Sweet Marie earn their kibble by the end. Okay, they're still not perfect, but darn it, they're cute. The organizing tips may help you tame your own collections.

Berkley Prime Crime 2009

"Watching order rise from chaos is always a good time."

"...a carefully crafted mystery with enough red herrings to be truly satisfying and enough cliché poking to be wickedly humourous as well."

ISBN-13: 9780425228098 ISBN: 0425228096

Recent murders have unbalanced professional organizer Charlotte's life and ruined her favorite footwear. The new fuchsia and red wedge heels cheer her up briefly, but now her messy-desk client is missing, bodies are turning up in Woodbridge, and the police are strangely tight-lipped. Worse, her close friend Margaret appears to be dating a mystery man on the sly and even her buddy and landlord Jack Reilly has someone in his life: a woman with an agenda that does not include Charlotte. On the home front Truffle and Sweet Marie seem destined to fail therapy dog training. As the body count rises, there may not be enough Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk in the world to get Charlotte through this. Organizing tips included.

Berkley Prime Crime 2010

"There is humor, charm and organizing tips which makes for a fun read." Romantic Times Four Stars!

"...Maffini is back with another of her clever books featuring professional organizer Charlotte Adams." The Globe and Mail

ISBN-13: 9780425235645 ISBN: 0425235645

When an old family friend hires Charlotte to organize his famous wife's seven bulging closets, Charlotte is shocked to learn that the closets are only the surface issue. Wealthy, spoiled and famous Lorelei Beauchamp wants Charlotte to find who murdered her daughter. Of course, that death has been ruled an accident and Charlotte resists. But soon she finds herself in a dangerous sleuthing game. Pepper Monahan, usually an arch foe, leans on Charlotte in an unexpected way. Is Nick the Stick the worst husband in the world? More organizing tips!

Berkley Prime Crime 2011

"a very twisty mystery that will keep even the most astute mystery lover guessing...a terrific choice for a lazy weekend afternoon." A TOP PICK Romantic Times 4 1/2 stars

ISBN-13: 9780425240601 ISBN: 0425240606

Mona Pringle, the 911 operator, is calling organizer sleuth Charlotte Adams for a change. Her high school tormentors are back in town and Mona is muttering about revenge. When the bullies start turning up dead, Mona goes on the run, with Charlotte desperately scrambling to save Mona from herself and prevent more deaths. In the end, it's surprising whose life is on the line. Meanwhile, Truffle and Sweet Marie face the challenge of their third attempt to become Therapy Dogs. Three strikes and you're out, pooches. Better try hard. Organizing tips included, of course.

Mary Jane Maffini Speaking of Truffle and Sweet Marie...

Daisy and Lily Maffini would like to state unequivocably that (despite surface ressemblance) there is no connection whatsoever between them and Charlotte Adams's dogs, Truffle and Sweet Marie. Daisy and Lily would never hide keys, unfurl toilet paper, or dash off while their owner was being pursued by the police. They are pretty sure that they would do much better with their Therapy Dog Training than their fictional counterparts. As for that other stuff: the matter of the missing slippers and the gnawed dining room chair leg can be attributed to youthful indescretions. And as for those PC chargers, shoot happens. If you have a problem with that, have your people call their people.

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