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The Ladies Killing Circle
Short Stories

How are the Mighty Fallen (University Affairs Summer 2012)

Special thanks to my mentors (CBC Canada Writes Five Minute Mysteries May 2012)

So Much in Common (EQMM Sept/Oct 2010) winner Ellis and Agatha awards, nominated for an Anthony

Afternoon in the Cemetery (Ottawa Magazine July/Aug 2009)

Going Out With a Bank in Going Out With a Bang, a Ladies Killing Circle anthology, edited by Joan Boswell, Linda Wiken and Barbara Fradkin, (Dundurn 2008

Turning on the Christmas Blights in Blood on the Holly, edited by Caro Soles (Baskerville 2007) and also in Best Canadian Christmas Stories, edited by Don Bailey & Bob Hilderly (Quarry Press 2012)

Stroke of Luck appeared in the Osprey summer mystery series, various Osprey newspapers and in Mystery Ink: an anthology of mystery stories by Ontario writers, edited by Jake Doherty and Therese Greenwood (Ginger Press 2007).

Smoke Screen in When Boomers Go Bad a Ladies Killing Circle Anthology, edited by Joan Boswell, Sue Pike and Linda Wiken (Dundurn 2005)

Cocktails With The Corpse in Death Dines In, edited by Claudia Bishop and Dean James (Berkley Prime Crime - 2004)

Wake Up Little Suzie in Bone Dance, a Ladies Killing Circle anthology, edited by Sue Pike and Joan Boswell (Dundurn 2003) and in The Penguin Book of Crime Stories, selected and introduced by Peter Robinson (Penguin 2007)

Blind Alley in EQMMb> (Nov 2001) and reprinted in World's Finest Crime & Mystery III edited by Edward Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg (Forge 2002)

Sign of the Times in Fit to Die, edited by Joan Boswell and Sue Pike (Dundurn Fall 2001)

After Due Reflection (EQMM July 2000) reprinted in Iced, edited by Peter Sellers and Kerry J. Schooley (Insomniac 2001). Lucky Day (Over My Dead Body)

Kicking the Habit in Menopause is Murder: A Crime and Mystery Collection edited by Victoria Cameron and Mary Jane Maffini, (General Store Publishing House, 1999).

But The Corpse Can't Laugh (EQMM April 1999) and reprinted in Over the Edge: The Crime Writers of Canada Anthology edited by Peter Sellers and Robert J. Sawyer, Pottersfield Press, 2000)

Pleasure in a Job Well Done (OnSPEC Fall 1999)

Downsized to Death (Storyteller Winter 1999).

Full Moon, Blue Lake was published in Cottage Country Killers: A Crime and Mystery Collection, edited by Vicki Cameron and Linda Wiken (General Store Publishing House, 1997).

Good-Bye Arabella (in Chatelaine, September 1997)

Naked Truths appeared in Cold Blood Five, edited by Peter Sellers & John North (Mosaic 1995) and The Best of Cold Blood, edited by Peter Sellers and John North (Mosaic Press 1998)

Cotton Armour in The Ladies Killing Circle: A Crime and Mystery Collection, edited by Victoria Cameron and Audrey Jessup (General Store Publishing House 1995) Reprinted in The Arthur Ellis Awards: An Anthology of Prize-Winning Crime and Mystery Fiction, (Quarry Press 1999).

Dark Day in Distribution is also in The Ladies Killing Circle (GSPH 1995). (Reprinted in Storyteller Winter 2001)

Death Before Doughnuts won Ottawa Citizen Write Now! contest, 1994.

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